247 Prints installs Hp Latex 335 Print and Cut solution.

March 11, 2021 09:41am


Collaborating with our partners to reach their goals is one of our core objectives. 247 Prints was seeking to expand their product offerings and cater to a new line of business in the large format and signage space.

Expanding Product Offerings

Due to an increasing demand in soft signage work and a need for regular outsourcing, it became a priority to find a solution to these requirements. We were able to analyse their current rate of production and account for future projections. Using this insight, we introduced the Hp Latex 335 Print and Cut solution to meet their current demands and expand their capacity.

For a while we were in search for a top range large format printer and had our eyes on a few options. Luckily for us we met with Ark, who guided us on the right printer that fit our needs. Such a knowledgeable team, the process was seamless and clear - From selection to delivery, to setup and installation, as well as service check-ups.

I strongly recommend them for machine purchases. We would definitely be getting more machines through Ark.

- Henry Domo-Spiff, CEO, 247 Prints

Ark remains your choice partner for your printing machine investments. We assure you of a timely delivery service and continuous support throughout the lifetime of your machine. Our goal is that you have a great return on your investments. If you have any enquiries, you can contact our support team on +234 807 851 0660 or

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